Valid from 23 September 2018 to 2 June 2019. 

Ferry services operate daily or as otherwise indicated. Additional sailings may operate during busy periods. Ferry services may be subject to change, without notice. 

Note: Our service runs 365 days per year.

Please drive safely in Tasmania.

Depart Kettering Vessel Depart Bruny Island Operates
6:30am Mirambeena 7:00am Daily, except Sundays
7.00am Moongalba 6:30am *  except Sundays
Moongalba 7.30am Daily
7:30am Mirambeena 8.00am Daily
8:00am Moongalba 8:30am Daily
8:30am Mirambeena 9:00am Daily
9:00am Moongalba 9:30am Daily
9:30am Mirambeena 10:00am Daily
10:00am Moongalba 10:30am Daily
10:30am Mirambeena 11:00am Daily
11:00am Moongalba 11:30am Daily
11:30am Mirambeena 12:00pm Daily
12:00pm Moongalba 1:00pm Daily
1:00pm Mirambeena 1:30pm Daily
1.30pm Moongalba 2.00pm Daily
2:00pm Mirambeena 2:30pm Daily
2.30pm Moongalba 3.00pm Daily
3:00pm Mirambeena 3:30pm Daily
3:30pm Moongalba 4:00pm Daily
4:00pm Mirambeena 4:30pm Daily
4:30pm Moongalba 5:00pm Daily
5:00pm Mirambeena 5:30pm Daily
5:30pm Moongalba 6:00pm Daily
6:00pm Mirambeena 6:30pm Daily
6:30pm Moongalba 7.00pm Daily (7.00pm – subject to peak demand)
7:00pm Mirambeena 7:15pm Daily

* These sailings operate during peak times only, please visit Facebook for updates.