Valid from 23rd September 2018 to April 30th 2019. The MV Mirambeena and MV Moongalba will be operating. Sailings operate daily, including Christmas Day.

Depart Kettering Vessel Depart Bruny Island Operates
6:30am Mirambeena 7:00am Daily, except Sundays
7:00am Moongalba 7:30am Daily, subject to peak demand on Sundays
7:30am Mirambeena 8:00am Daily
8:00am Moongalba 8:30am Daily
8:30am Mirambeena 9:00am Daily
9:00am Moongalba 9:30am Daily
9:30am Mirambeena 10:00am Daily
10:00am Moongalba 10:30am Daily
10:30am Mirambeena 11:00am Daily
11:00am Moongalba 11:30am Daily
11:30am Mirambeena 12:00pm Daily
12:00pm Moongalba 1:00pm Daily
1:00pm Mirambeena 1:30pm Daily
1:30pm Moongalba 2:00pm Subject to peak demand
2:00pm Mirambeena 2:30pm Daily
2:30pm Moongalba 3:00pm Subject to peak demand
3:00pm Mirambeena 3:30pm Daily
3:30pm Moongalba 4:00pm Daily
4:00pm Mirambeena 4:30pm Daily
4:30pm Moongalba 5:00pm Daily
5:00pm Mirambeena 5:30pm Daily
5:30pm Moongalba 6:00pm Daily
6:00pm Mirambeena 6:30pm Daily
6:30pm Moongalba 7:00pm Daily
7:00pm Mirambeena 7:15pm Daily